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Degrees Not Debt: Take the Pledge!

Degrees Not Debt is a campaign that supports a growing network of NEA members, community partners, and allies committed to college affordability for all.

Seven in 10 college graduates owe money, on average, a whopping $29,400. At these levels, debt isn't just a burden. It's a barrier. It means too many Americans can't access the higher education they need to get good jobs, own a home, and take part in the American Dream. "We're all taking out loans, and we're all working, and it's just choking us," says California Teachers Association-Student President John Belleci. We know it's a problem. What are we going to do about it?

We believe:

1. Need-based student aid must be increased.

2. Student loans must be made more affordable.

3. Public service careers must be encouraged through expanded loan-forgiveness programs.

4. Institutional aid must be increased.

Click on link to view original message: http://www.nea.org/degreesnotdebt

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