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From tenured to ‘terminated’

Business professor appeals UTB’s ‘reduction in force’ action

By Joe D. Molina

Professor Marvin Lovett, a recipient of the University of Texas System Regents’ Outstanding Teaching award in 2010, faces termination May 2013 due to UTB/TSC’s reduction in force.

Lovett was hired by Texas Southmost College in 1983 as an instructor and achieved full professor status in Fall 2007. He currently teaches in the university’s School of Business.

According to his résumé, Lovett earned a bachelor of science in psychology and sociology, a master of business administration and a doctorate of higher education in administration and supervision.

When he received his termination notice last July, Lovett said he felt disappointed and surprised, and was concerned for the future of the university.

In a telephone interview Nov. 16 with Lovett and Russell Ramirez, a Texas State Teachers Association staff attorney appointed by the Texas Faculty Association to advise Lovett in his termination appeal process, Lovett said the reasons for his termination were “rather vague and inconsistent.”

Ramirez said the university has been “shifting and changing reasons” when providing the cause for Lovett’s termination.

“They have been saying that there is going to be a program change, and, of course, I think that’s disputed because Dr. Lovett’s program is going to continue,” Ramirez said. “And the other thing they are saying is that ... there was going to be a reduction in the student population and that hasn’t happened.”

Asked about the status of Lovett’s grievance, Ramirez replied: “There is supposed to be a committee made up of professors … at UTB/TSC that is going to review our grievance.”

At least 89 faculty members have received termination notices that take effect next May, according to university officials.

Full article. (Note: The original link no longer valid. This link has been updated to another source, which is a PDF.)

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