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Must learn to talk funny, though.

To those of us closely following the recent regular session of the legislature and subsequent developments, it is becoming difficult to avoid concluding that he government of Texas is dominated by people who regard public universities as commercial opportunities, with little interest in other aspects besides starving or tightly controlling them.

It is true, of course, that the entire country is only now recovering from a deep recession, but it seems to us that the financial condition of the state would make this the worst time imaginable to be striking off into uncharted territory. While we are wondering how we will continue serving the public and when we will see another raise, the state seems primarily concerned with pressuring universities to relinquish their role as society’s independent analyst and thoughtful critic, take up corporate-style cheerleading, and be structured like a company that is managed rather than administered.

We would love to offer suggestions for resisting this onslaught, but the fact is that the 2010 election was won fair and square by those with the most passion for their cause, and who demonstrated a willingness to back that passion with resources and energy. If we want to do anything about it, we must organize with equal devotion for the future.

PAUF/TFA will offer suggestions on how this might be done over the course of the upcoming academic year.

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