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Historic day at UVa: Sullivan reinstated after two weeks of turmoil

By Ted Strong, The Daily Progress

The University of Virginia got its president back Tuesday.

President Teresa A. Sullivan was reinstated by the university’s Board of Visitors just more than two weeks after the same body forced her to resign. The vote was unanimous.

“I’m grateful to the visitors for this renewed opportunity, but more than that I’m grateful to them for the example they have given us in reconsidering and reversing their previous action,” she told the crowd on the Lawn. “This is not a sign of weakness on their part, but a sign of strength and deliberation, and a good example to each of us.”

Sullivan walked into the meeting with Rector Helen E. Dragas, the public face of the move to oust her. The meeting itself took 25 minutes.

Board member and former Rector W. Heywood Fralin introduced the resolution that formally undid the board’s actions.

“It is my opinion that everyone agrees that the process was flawed,” he said. “It can never be repeated when important decisions are being made by this board. ... I would ask that the next board to be shortly installed look at the governance structure of the Board of Visitors and make the changes necessary to prohibit the utilization of this process when dealing with matters of such major importance.”

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