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House approves House Bill 1

The Texas House of Representatives Sunday night approved House Bill 1, an appropriations bill for 2012-2013 that cuts $7.8 billion from the public education budget and billions of dollars from health care and other critical state services.

The vote was 98-49.

In two days of debate (Friday and Sunday), the House considered more than 200 amendments but made few changes in the version of House Bill 1 that had been drafted by the House Appropriations Committee.

According to the Legislative Budget Board, HB1, in its current form, would result in the loss of as many as 335,000 public and private sector jobs in Texas by 2013. Almost 10,000 of those jobs would be school district employees. The bill also would force closure of many nursing homes, cut other health care programs and sharply reduce financial aid for college students.

TSTA President Rita Haecker called House Bill 1 a “slap in the face” for Texas School children.

Rep. Sylvester Turner, D-Houston, one of several Democrats who spoke against the bill, said it would “dismantle” Texas’ public education system. It would reduce funding for pre-kindergarten and other dropout prevention programs, cut funding for textbooks and other instructional materials, cram kids into overcrowded classrooms and force the closure of some neighborhood schools.

The bill was drafted within Gov. Rick Perry’s guidelines to enact a new state budget without raising taxes or spending more than $3.2 billion of the Rainy Day Fund, despite a revenue shortfall of $27 billion.

The budget focus now turns to the state Senate, where the Finance Committee is expected to soon approve a budget plan that would cut $3 billion to $4 billion from the public schools. The exact timing of the Finance Committee action is unknown because a special Senate subcommittee also is trying to find $5 billion in non-tax revenue to help pay for the Senate plan.


April 3, 2011

Texas Faculty Association President Mary Aldridge Dean said the passage of the House Budget today spells the end of hope for thousands of Texas students who have prepared for college but will be denied access because there will be no funds for new students in the Texas Grants program. The long term effects of this will be seen for years to come in the Texas economy in the form of a reduced workforce unable to compete for jobs, lost tax revenue, and increased unemployment.

In addition to those cuts, Texans who are the most vulnerable will also suffer while corporations who send jobs abroad will continue to receive tax breaks.

This is a disgrace.

Roll Call on Adoption of HB 1

AYES - 98

Aliseda(R); Anderson, Charles(R); Anderson, Rodney(R); Aycock(R); Beck(R); Berman(R); Bohac(R); Bonnen(R); Branch(R); Brown, Fred(R); Burkett(R); Button(R); Cain(R); Callegari(R); Carter(R); Chisum(R); Christian(R); Cook(R); Craddick(R); Creighton(R); Crownover(R); Darby(R); Davis, John(R); Davis, Sarah(R); Driver(R); Eissler(R); Elkins(R); Fletcher(R); Flynn(R); Frullo(R); Garza(R); Geren(R); Gonzales, Larry(R); Gooden(R); Hamilton(R); Hancock(R); Hardcastle(R); Harless(R); Harper-Brown(R); Hartnett(R); Hilderbran(R); Hopson(R); Howard, Charlie(R); Huberty(R); Hughes(R); Hunter(R); Isaac(R); Jackson, Jim(R); Keffer(R); King, Phil(R); King, Susan(R); Kleinschmidt(R); Kolkhorst(R); Kuempel(R); Landtroop(R); Larson(R); Laubenberg(R); Lavender(R); Legler(R); Lewis(R); Lyne(R); Madden(R); Margo(R); Miller, Doug(R); Miller, Sid(R); Morrison(R); Murphy(R); Nash(R); Orr(R); Otto(R); Parker(R); Patrick, Diane(R); Paxton(R); Perry(R); Phillips(R); Pitts(R); Price(R); Riddle(R); Ritter(R); Schwertner(R); Scott(R); Sheets(R); Sheffield(R); Shelton(R); Smith, Todd(R); Smith, Wayne(R); Smithee(R); Solomons(R); Taylor, Larry(R); Taylor, Van(R); Torres(R); Truitt(R); Weber(R); White(R); Woolley(R); Workman(R); Zedler(R); Zerwas(R)

NAYS - 49

Alonzo(D); Alvarado(D); Anchia(D); Burnam(D); Castro(D); Coleman(D); Davis, Yvonne(D); Deshotel(D); Dukes(D); Dutton(D); Eiland(D); Farias(D); Farrar(D); Gallego(D); Giddings(D); Gonzales, Veronica(D); Gonzalez, Naomi(D); Guillen(D); Gutierrez(D); Hernandez Luna(D); Hochberg(D); Howard, Donna(D); Johnson(D); King, Tracy(D); Lozano(D); Lucio III(D); Mallory Caraway(D); Marquez(D); Martinez(D); Martinez Fischer(D); McClendon(D); Menendez(D); Miles(D); Munoz(D); Naishtat(D); Oliveira(D); Pena(R); Pickett(D); Quintanilla(D); Raymond(D); Reynolds(D); Rodriguez(D); Simpson(R); Strama(D); Thompson(D); Veasey(D); Villarreal(D); Vo(D); Walle(D)


Straus(R); Turner, Sylvester(D)



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