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TFA Member Ioana Agut Receives Grant

Ioana Agut, an Assistant Professor of mathematics at Brazosport College and TFA member, was recently awarded a $5000 grant from NEA to be used for instructional purposes.

Ms. Agut will use the grant to purchase a set of 45 graphing calculators along with supplies and hardware needed to make them functional. Students in her college algebra and statistics classes will use these calculators during class. While she will use technology to illustrate mathematical concepts, her students will not be forced to purchase a particular calculator for the class. Furthermore, since each student will be using the same brand and model calculator, rather than wasting valuable class time diagnosing technological difficulties students have, she will focus on developing mathematical concepts. She will use the calculators in college algebra; however, she expects extensive use in introductory statistics where manipulation of data without appropriate technology can become tedious.

Ms. Agut plans to use 40 of the calculators as a classroom set which she will distribute and collect each class meeting. The other 5 units she will place on reserve in the student success center where students can practice exercises and prepare homework assignments outside of class. She expects her carefully planned activities, with this unified set of calculators, to enhance student learning and increase the success rate of her students.

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