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SB 11 (Campus Carry)

The bill passed with several amendments. The following is a summary of the main points:

1. 4 year schools must implement the bill by September 2016 while 2 year schools have until 2017, but everything must be accomplished by 100 days before the 85th legislative session begins. Private Colleges and Universities can opt out.

2. As of today guns are allowed anywhere on campus including, but not limited to campus daycares, K-12 lab schools, hospitals on campuses and teaching hospitals, research labs, and classrooms. The bill allows local campus Presidents to carve out places where guns may be restricted, taking input from students, parents, faculty and administration. There will have to be a reason for each place that is exempted. This “carve out” will be subject to approval of the Regents/Board who can override with a 2/3rds vote.

3. There was no money allocated to provide for locked storage in dorms, and Universities have said that it will either have to come out of the state allotment, which means they will have to take it from other services, or from tuition which will mean an increase.

4. The bill now goes to the Governor, who has said he will sign any gun bills that come to his desk.

My suggestion is that you get involved on your campus and help create your local rules. As someone told me on the way out of the Capitol, this is a direct result of low voter turnout in off year TX elections.

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