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Below is the list of House and Senate Members, and their votes on SB 11.  If you are happy with the way your Representatives and Senators voted, please call them and say so; if you are not happy please do the same. 

If you want to look up the House debate that occurred before the vote, go to TX Legislature online, type in the Bill # (SB11) and click on the go button to the right.  When the bill comes up, scroll down to History. If you click on the line that says “Record Vote H” the Journal will come up.  Scroll up to read the debate and comments.

The Senate vote is not yet recorded, but The Texas Tribune covered it with Senators’ comments.  That link is:






The motion to adopt the conference committee report on SBi11 prevailed by

(Record 1763): 98 Yeas, 47 Nays, 1 Present, not voting.

Yeas — Anderson, C.; Anderson, R.; Ashby; Aycock; Bell; Bohac; Bonnen,

D.; Bonnen, G.; Burkett; Burns; Burrows; Button; Capriglione; Clardy; Cook;

Craddick; Crownover; Cyrier; Dale; Darby; Davis, S.; Elkins; Faircloth; Fallon;

Farney; Fletcher; Flynn; Frank; Frullo; Galindo; Geren; Goldman; Gonzales;

Guillen; Harless; Huberty; Hughes; Hunter; Isaac; Kacal; Keffer; Keough; King,

K.; King, P.; King, S.; King, T.; Klick; Koop; Krause; Kuempel; Landgraf;

Larson; Laubenberg; Leach; Lozano; Metcalf; Meyer; Miller, D.; Miller, R.;

Morrison; Murphy; Murr; Otto; Paddie; Parker; Paul; Pen˜ a; Phelan; Phillips;

Price; Raney; Riddle; Rinaldi; Sanford; Schaefer; Schofield; Schubert; Shaheen;

Sheets; Simmons; Simpson; Smith; Smithee; Spitzer; Springer; Stephenson;

Stickland; Thompson, E.; Tinderholt; Turner, E.S.; VanDeaver; Villalba; White,

J.; White, M.; Workman; Wray; Zedler; Zerwas.


Nays — Allen; Alonzo; Alvarado; Anchia; Bernal; Blanco; Canales;

Coleman; Collier; Davis, Y.; Deshotel; Dutton; Farias; Farrar; Giddings;

Gonza´lez; Guerra; Gutierrez; Hernandez; Herrero; Howard; Israel; Johnson;

Ma´rquez; Martinez; Martinez Fischer; McClendon; Miles; Moody; Mun˜oz;

Naishtat; Neva´rez; Oliveira; Pickett; Raymond; Reynolds; Rodriguez, E.;

Rodriguez, J.; Romero; Rose; Sheffield; Thompson, S.; Turner, C.; Turner, S.;

Vo; Walle; Wu.

Present, not voting—Mr. Speaker(C).

Absent, Excused—Longoria; Lucio; Minjarez.



In the Senate, it was a straight party vote and has not been recorded in the Journal yet, but I was there watching it and it was along party lines.  Republicans voted yes (20), and Democrats voted no (11). Political parties are noted as they appear in the Legislative Handbook.


·  Bettencourt R

·  Garcia

·  Menéndez

·  Taylor, Larry R

·  Birdwell R

·  Hall R

·  Nelson R

·  Taylor, Van R

·  Burton R

·  Hancock R

·  Nichols R

·  Uresti

·  Campbell R

·  Hinojosa

·  Patrick R

·  Creighton R

·  Huffines R

·  Perry R

·  Watson

·  Ellis

·  Huffman R

·  Rodríguez 

·  West

·  Eltife R

·  Kolkhorst R

·  Schwertner R

·  Whitmire

·  Estes R

·  Lucio 

·  Seliger R

·  Zaffirini

·  Fraser R


I want to thank two of our Board members, Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler and Don Davison (along with his crew) for walking the halls of the Capitol with me to pass out information regarding SB 11.


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