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SB11 Implementation

Now that the responses are in on the SB11 Survey I would like to give you the results and some suggestions for your campus. I received approximately 60 responses, which is good for mid-summer when many people are not on campus, and all but two were opposed to guns with one person not being sure.

Most people responded that they should not be allowed anywhere, but that is not an option at this point, since the law passed. We were simply outnumbered at the capitol by the pro-gun lobby that arrived in large numbers for the hearings. We were also up against the NRA “scorecard” which rates legislators based on their gun stance. Until there is a change in the makeup of the legislature we will not win this fight.

Four year schools have one year until implementation and two year schools have two years.

The paragraph below is from a sample letter to Presidents regarding the implementation of the law. The discussions are to take place before rules for your campus are put in place. Most Presidents are opposed to guns on campus so it should be a good working relationship.

Sample Paragraph:

I am writing to ask when our campus is planning to "[consult] with students, staff, and faculty . . . regarding the nature of the student population, specific safety considerations, and the uniqueness of the campus environment, . . . [in order to] establish reasonable rules, regulations, or other provisions regarding the carrying of concealed handguns" on campus, as provided by Sec. 411.2031, subsection (d-1) of the bill.

However, we do have some options as to where guns can be limited. Some of the places mentioned in the legislative session that can probably be eliminated are day-care centers on campus, labs with hazardous materials, health facilities and counseling centers, and dorms. Since classrooms can be high stress areas I would suggest including those as well. There is also an issue with high school students on campuses. Can all areas where high school students are present be eliminated? I do not know the answer to that, but would certainly bring it into the discussion.

I suggest that you call a meeting of local TFA members, discuss the places that you think can be eliminated, and ask others to join you in the discussions on your campus before formal discussions take place so that you can be unified and prepared with a response.

Mary Aldridge Dean

Executive Director


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