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Santorum's Attacks on Higher Ed

By Scott Jaschik

Many Republicans have voiced views similar to those of President Obama on the importance of all Americans obtaining at least some higher education. And even if many Republicans have differed with the Obama administration on many student aid issues and how best to encourage higher educational attainment, few have cheered the idea of Americans stopping their education before the postsecondary level.

Rick Santorum, however, is doing so. As far back as December he was calling colleges "indoctrination centers" for the left, and he has questioned the idea that scientists know what they are talking about with regard to climate change. Starting a few weeks ago -- much to the amazement of many academics -- he started challenging the idea that more Americans should go to college. He has now repeated his criticisms, this time in front of cameras in an appearance Saturday in Troy, Mich. Santorum again called President Obama a "snob" for wanting all Americans to go to college. There are "good, decent men and women," Santorum said, who are proud of their skills that were "not taught by some liberal college professor." He added, comparing himself to President Obama: "He wants to remake you in his image. I want to create jobs so people can remake their children into their image, not his."

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