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Join Our Campaign to Invest in Our Children's and Our State's Future: Take a Responsible and Balanced Approach to the State Budget

The state faces a fiscal crisis: a $27 billion shortfall, and a revenue structure that doesn’t keep pace with our economy’s growing needs. In response, our state’s leadership has proposed to balance the budget on the backs of our children and seniors.

The proposal will:

*Harm our children's public schools: As a result of the proposed 25% cut to public education, schools around the state will be scaling back quality prekindergarten programs, increasing class sizes, closing schools, and diminishing important electives like art, music and other subjects not tested. The budget proposal also eliminates grants for science labs, pre-k, and mentoring programs proven to increase student achievement.

*Put college beyond reach for many aspiring young Texans: The proposed budget slashes financial aid by 40% while forcing public colleges and universities to raise tuition. This will result in a loss of 60,000 financial aid scholarships over the next two years, and the state will offer no financial aid to new students.

*Displace vulnerable seniors: The budget hacks the already low reimbursement rate for Medicaid providers by 34%, which is expected to cause many nursing homes to close, leaving our most vulnerable senior citizens at risk.

If you’ve got one minute to spare for our state’s future, please sign the petition.

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