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Stop the assault on higher education!

In the coming days, the Texas House will consider a budget that is a direct assault on educators and public education. These proposed changes will directly hurt you, both as faculty and as parents. Now is the time for you, your friends and family members to save higher education in Texas by making your voices heard, loudly and clearly. Your representative needs to hear from you on these higher education issues. It will only take a few minutes of your time, and it will be time well spent. The following link will help you find your local House Member.


Sending an email or leaving a voice message with your representative’s office is just as good as talking to a staff member.

All email addresses are as follows:

first name.last name@house.state.tx.us

It is important to include the following points in your conversation or message:

  • Your name, that you are a TFA member and that you live and vote in their district.
  • An overwhelming number of people in your community – faculty, parents, teachers and other taxpayers – oppose cuts that would harm public education.
  • Your own story, how laying off faculty and increasing class size will have a harmful impact on your students and community.
  • Ask your representative to find the revenue necessary to avoid harmful budget cuts, restore full education funding and end this assault on our public schools.

You can use the following talking points.

Under proposed House Bill 1:

  • Overall state funding for higher education is cut by 12.7 percent and four community colleges will be closed
  • Two ideas are being discussed to deal with the proposed 40.5% cut to Texas Grants; the program by which high school graduates with financial need can go to college. The first is the elimination of funding for new grants. The second is giving partial grant awards to all Texas Grant recipients. The second proposal reduces awards for all students to approximately half of the current value.
  • The Top 10% Scholarship program will only be available to renewal students.
  • The Texas BOT Loan program funding, which provides no interest loans for qualified students, will be reduced to half of the current amount.
  • The Coordinating Board administers a grant program allowing students to apply directly on the College for Texans website. This program is slated to be eliminated.
  • The proposed budget cut for Texas College Work Study is 40.9%

The cumulative effect of these proposals will close the avenues by which hundreds of thousands of deserving students with limited funds can attend Texas colleges.

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