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Senate Higher Education Report for 03-02-2011

The Senate Committee on Higher Education met this morning to take up Senate Bills 74, 386, 176, 528, 179, 489, 514, and 67. All of these bills were reported favorably to the Senate.

(8:01) Call to order.

(8:19) SB 176 By Huffman. Relating to student eligibility for tuition rebates offered by general academic teaching institutions. - voted favorably.

(8:20) SB 386 By Williams. Relating to the Lone Star College System District service area. - voted favorably.

(8:21) SB 74 By Nelson. Relating to the disposition of surplus or salvage data processing equipment of a university system or an institution or agency of higher education. - voted favorably.

(8:22) SB 179 By Estes. Relating to the service area of the North Central Texas College District. - voted favorably.

(8:23) Eddie Hadlock, President of North Central Texas College, testified in favor of Senate Bill 179, saying there is a great partnership between the Graham community and the North Central Texas College.

(8:25) SB 489 By Fraser. Relating to the Texas State Technical College System. - voted favorably.

(8:26) SB 514 By Birdwell. Relating to the acquisition of land and facilities by the Texas State Technical College System. - voted favorably.

Senators Watson and West voted against S.B. 514.

(8:27) SB 528 By Huffman. Relating to meetings of the University of Houston System Board of Regents. - voted favorably.

(8:28) SB 67 By Zaffirini. Relating to leave for junior college district or university system employees who are physically assaulted while on duty. - voted favorably.

(8:30) Mary Dean of the Texas Faculty Association said she was testifying because higher education faculty do not have personal days and as such cannot testify for themselves. It is relatively rare that random violent acts are taken against faculty members. Dean said it is still possible, and she does not feel that some members of the education community are afforded protection.

The committee adjourned at 8:33.

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