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TFA:Perry’s Higher Ed proposals don’t add up

Mary Aldridge Dean, executive director of the Texas Faculty Association, said Gov. Rick Perry’s proposed “Outcomes-Based Funding” scheme may increase the number of college graduates but will not increase the number of educated graduates able to fill the technical jobs needed in the 21st Century.

“It will force Higher Education systems to coerce their faculty to pass students in order to receive funding, regardless of student performance in the course they take,” she said. “This will not create an educated citizenry necessary to compete in the global workforce.”

Dean said the governor’s proposal for a $10,000 bachelor’s degree was a “statement out of fantasy land. With increased student populations and cuts in funding, the numbers simply do not add up to quality education for Texas students.”

She said the draconian cuts will cost staff and faculty jobs, forcing class sizes to increase and further diluting the impact of higher education.

“If Texas’ strategy is to refuse to buy groceries to save money, there will be short-term gains, but we all will starve in the long term,” Dean said.

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