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The Problem with Education is America’s Contempt for Teachers

Troy Earl Camplin, The Dallas Morning News

Almost every problem with education in the U.S., from kindergarten to college, can be traced to the same basic thing. And almost every reform of education passed into legislation is founded on this same thing — a fact that suggests these reforms can only make education worse. That thing that underlies the problems we have with education in America is the widespread American contempt for teachers.

The contempt in our culture gets expressed in many ways. Parents treat teachers like baby sitters. Administrators treat teachers’ talk of higher wages as appalling, dismissing money talk with, “You’re supposed to be in it for the children” — as though worrying about paying your bills keeps you focused on your students. Legislators impose standardized tests as a blatant accusation of incompetence. Universities hire more and more adjuncts at poverty wages. All of these are expressions of contempt for teachers.

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