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TFAs two year struggle at UNT/HSC has finally born fruit. Two years ago, the UNT/HSC president appeared before the legislature where he was questioned about his $900,000.00+ salary. He then proceeded to cut faculty salaries on his campus by as much as 30%. TFA Legal defended several members regarding this and other related matters. Local TFA leaders worked to get information to the Board and to local legislators.

UNT regents fire president of Health Science Center in Fort Worth

By Diane Smith, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

FORT WORTH -- The president of the University of North Texas Health Science Center was fired Friday after regents accused him of sowing "internal discord" by opposing a possible merger of the Fort Worth center and the main university campus in Denton.

"Instead of allowing this study to proceed in a thoughtful and objective way, we discovered that you were conducting a personal campaign to stop any serious internal consideration of this issue," regents for the University of North Texas System told Scott Ransom in a letter dated Tuesday.

The Health Science Center, which has its main campus on Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth, is affiliated with UNT but operates as an independent campus.

In August, UNT Chancellor Lee F. Jackson announced that a 90-day study would evaluate the pros and cons of combining the center and UNT under the same academic umbrella, a model that he said would benefit research.

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